• Lindsey

My Top 6 Bag Picks for Summer

Stylecamp holiday shop

With summer just around the corner and Style Camp's holiday shop now up on the site, I feel like it's finally time to ditch the winter wardrobe and make way for my true and tested Style Camp staples.

There's my absolute favourite Minnie dress, with its elegant off shoulder neckline and sexy cut outs that makes me feel a million dollars; my little off shoulder crop top that goes with just about anything; then there's my fabulous Marlene beach pyjama that's simply perfect for all weathers and occasions. Oh, how I've missed you all!

Style Camp's Riviera inspired clothing collection was made for the sunshine, so I've created this inspirational holiday shop to showcase these summer-ready outfits and to bring you lots of different ways to wear them.

I styled a lot of these Style Camp outfits from my personal stash of vintage and thrift finds, which is how I like to shop, but it got me thinking about branching out and finding ways to support fellow independent brands.

So, with my beady eye for vintage style fashion and unique accessories, I thought I would give my own style series a go!



It's fair to say that the rattan or basket bag has been the summer style accessory for a few years now and this year I'm certainly in the market for one. I know, where have I been?! Just imagine a cute two piece set with a cross body number draped over the shoulder. Or how about a classic Nanette dress with a little basket ensemble?

Of course, it's not just about the rattan bag. During my trawl of my favourite Etsy and independent brands I've discovered rattan bags-a-plenty, plus a few more alternatives that have got the purse strings twitching this summer. Here's my top 6 picks and how I would wear them.


Orange mock croc bag

Orange Mock Croc Bag from Vintage is a Virtue - £10

The zingy orange of this mock-croc shoulder bag from Vintage is a Virtue was the first thing that caught my eye. I love the 80s vibe and knotted strap which is a really unusual feature. It's an absolute steal at £10 and I'm already imagining this at the festivals clashing perfectly with a colour-pop Ava two piece. Looking around Robyn's vintage shop, there are a lot of other cool vintage bags and festival style pieces worth checking out to get you ready for the summer season ahead.


The circle bag

The Circle Bag from TAH Bags - £218

As Angelina of 'Tote a Heel' TAH Bags quotes, this circular bag is a modern classic. I love the angular pocket detail and matching tassel that makes it stand out from other circular bag designs. Admittedly it is a far pricier, luxury option, but then that's what you get for solid craftsmanship and quality leather materials. It comes in lots of colours and sizes, so I'm picturing this with the ruffle neck Ginger dress and some fancy heels for a summer's evening out.


Fringe Handbag

Fringe Clutch Handbag by BOHOPeach - £21

I'm not usually a fan of crochet but this jazzy knitted clutch with fabulous tassels from BOHOPeach really caught my eye. Especially the dazzling pink, aptly named 'punch'. I like the tactile appeal of the knitted fabric and I think this would make a great holiday bag - I'd wear it with a Coco two piece set and wedges to head out for a night of cocktails.

Also worth mentioning, just for fun, is the rather sweet crochet pineapple bag they also have for sale.