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A simple skater skirt is timeless and elegant, making it an integral part of your everyday wardrobe.  The classic feminine silhouette of Stylecamp's high waist designs are perfect as part of a casual or formal look, dependent on your mood or occasion.  Stylecamp's handmade collection offers a wide choice of colours and fabrics for all seasons and occasions, with comfortable elastic waists making for some very easy-dressing.


"I LOVE these skirts! This is my second one, and my third arrived today! Lindsey is a superb seller who makes beautiful clothes at excellent prices."

Aisling Sheridan

09 Oct, 2018

"Excellent! Lovely colour and a bit longer. Great if you’re a bit taller and don’t like super short skirts that have your bum hanging out!"


22 Sep, 2018

"Unique! I was the only one who wore this style of skirt everywhere I went! :)"


13 Jul, 2018

"Perfect and as advertised. Shipped quickly."

Jude Hale

11 May, 2018

"Perfect little skirt. Fits well, length is perfect, fabric is quality. Great tailor."


08 Mar, 2018

"An absolutely delightful piece. Not only was this exactly what I wanted - the material and quality made me jump for joy. Truly a favorite skirt of mine now, so well done."


05 Dec, 2017

"Perfect just what I was looking for"

Moira Croskell

30 Nov, 2017

"Lindsey was super helpful in getting my order to me in a rush fashion while still making it to custom measurements."


27 Nov, 2017

"Comfy, good fit and good quality thankyou"

Mandy Lawrence

30 Mar, 2017

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