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Ooh-La-Lola! Meet the Lola Velvet Turban Hat, Stylecamp's Stylish New Accessory

Green velvet turban hat

Embrace timeless elegance and enduring Old Hollywood glamour with Stylecamp's newest design – the Lola Velvet Turban Hat. Handmade from stretch velvet, this gorgeous headpiece will add a sophisticated finishing touch to any outfit.

With roots dating back to ancient times, turban style hats have evolved into a fashion symbol cherished for their glamorous and exotic aesthetic. Read on to find out more about the iconic turban, and why Stylecamp's luxurious velvet version will be a must-have accessory in any vintage-lovers' wardobe.




The turban style hat first rose to modern popularity as a fashion item in the 1910s thanks to designer Paul Poiret and his fascination with Eastern glamour. Its resurgence was further fuelled by the West's ongoing obsession with the exotic Middle and Far East at the beginning of the century, triggered by the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb in the 1920s.

The turban hat became a firm favourite during the Belle Époque, as it complemented the iconic short hairstyles and flapper ensembles of the era's trend-setting women. Whether worn for practicality during daytime drives in open-top cars, or adorned with opulent jewellery and feathers for evening affairs, the turban quickly became a frivolous symbol of fashion-forward elegance.

The turban solidified its glamorous status throughout the 1930s and 40s by gracing the heads of Hollywood film stars who starred in films that showcased exotic themes and costumes. These silver screen sirens set trends that captivated the public, who sought to attain the same level of opulence and mystique.

Wartime saw the turban take on a more utilitarian popularity, becoming one of the most widely worn and emblematic items of the decade. It kept hair off of the faces of working land girls and factory workers, not to mention that they were easy to make when resources became scarce through rationing.

In the ensuing years the turban cemented its status as a true fashion staple, with fashion houses creating their own signature versions throughout the decades. Continually endorsed by Royalty, film stars, celebrities and socialites alike, the turban hat, and its many iterations, has always maintained an air of timeless glamour.



Lola turban hat in red velvet

Now, let's meet Lola! It was a natural progression to develop this design for Stylecamp as I am a frequent wearer of turbans myself, especially in the wintertime. They frame the face beautifully with an enigmatic chic that I'm completely drawn to, plus I love their versatile and practical nature.

Stylecamp's design features a classic twist front detail mirrored by intricate pleating to the back, creating a beautiful fullness on top of the head which is only emphasised by the beautiful velvet fabric. A soft cotton jersey lining provides for a luxurious and comfortable finish, making it a ideal for all-day-long wear.

I named this piece in tribute to my Nan who was affectionately known as 'Lola'. A very glamorous lady who was timeless and feminine in her fashion choices, she always strived to look her best. I remember how she would wrap a headscarf into a turban fashion around her head in order to do the housework or ride her scooter over to our house - how incredibly chic.



Teal blue velvet turban hat back view with pleats

Handmade from sumptuous stretch velvet, the Lola hat exudes quality, opulence and texture. The material not only adds a touch of glamour but also showcases the intricate gathered details with a subtle shimmer, making this turban hat really stand from the crowd.



Teal blue velvet turban hat getting ready

On days when you want to conceal unruly hair or protect yourself from the wind and rain in the most chic way possible, Lola serves as the perfect cover-up to add a dash of sophistication to your look. Just like in its heyday, this turban hat effortlessly elevates your style with minimal effort.



black velvet turban hat

A seamless transition from a practical cover-up to a glamorous accessory for daywear or evening events, the Lola turban's adaptability allows you to infuse a touch of Old Hollywood elegance into any outfit. Make like a Bright Young Thing and adorn your turban with jewellery or trimming to make an extra style statement at your next evening soirée.

Stylish black velvet turban hat with vintage style accessories



Beyond its intrinsic charm, the Lola turban hat makes a great gift. Whether for a loved one or yourself, its timeless appeal ensures that the Lola isn't just a fleeting fashion statement, but a thoughtful gesture of refined style, making it an ideal choice for birthdays, special occasions, or the festive holiday season.


Lola vintage style velvet twist front turban hat

In short, Stylecamp's Lola turban hat Lola embodies a timeless elegance that never goes out of style and pays homage to its rich history. Available in 5 gorgeous jewel-toned colours - red, teal blue, forest green, navy blue and black velvet - there's a colour for everyone. Shop now and add hint of bygone glamour to your wardrobe in time for Christmas!




Stylecamp is an independent women’s fashion brand based in the UK, creating well-made, modern vintage fashion for the sartorial woman with a taste for timeless style, simplicity and elegance.

Stylecamp’s feel-good design soaks up the style from the glamorous French Riviera to create something unique and covetable for the modern woman.

Just like its heyday, these vibrant modern-vintage two piece sets, dresses and separates are made to celebrate the figure, making perfect outfits for holidays and vacations, special occasions and elevated everyday style, whenever you want to feel special.

All items are handmade by Lindsey, the designer and maker behind Stylecamp.  Learn more about Stylecamp or shop the collection.

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