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5 Stylecamp Basics for a Working-from-Home Wardrobe

With the importance of staying at home during the current pandemic, it can seem a bit meaningless getting dressed everyday when you've got nowhere to go. However, as I discussed in my tips for working from home blog recently, not having a regular routine that includes getting dressed properly can have a huge impact on your mood and well-being.

Even in this period of lockdown, it's a good idea to get dressed for yourself everyday and it should be thought of as self care. Lounging in your comfies at home may seem like a good idea at first, although it can soon become hard to differentiate your day between work and play, which may see your general motivation suffer.

Choosing your outfits as you would on a normal day will make you feel 'put together' and more productive for the rest of the day. Naturally, if you're working from home, it needs to be simple and feel comfortable, so I've put together 5 perfect Stylecamp pieces that are practical for working from home, whose glamorous vintage silhouettes will also give you a feel-good boost!




The pencil skirt is a a1940s silhouette, which nowadays seems to be more reserved for formal occasions, uniforms or work. You might initially think of a pencil skirt as too restrictive or too prim for a working-from-home wardrobe, however, Stylecamp's version sits high on the waist and is made from a super comfortable stretch jersey fabric.

Pencil skirt - working from home wardrobe

This is a classic example of a smart-casual, feel-good piece, as it gives you a sexy, feminine silhouette, whilst offering all the comfort of of a pair of leggings. Simply team with a t-shirt borrowed from the boys for an understated but put together working day look.



Bodysuit - working from home wardrobe

The body-hugging Sabrina bodysuit is like wearing a second skin. The fabric is super-stretchy and lightweight to wear, while the underarm gussets allow for a complete range of movement and optimum comfort. With this bodysuit, everything is kept out of the way for the activities of the day.

Effortlessly worn under denim, trousers, skirts and more, the elegant fitted sleeves and vintage inspired slash neckline of the Sabrina bodysuit also adds a touch of glamour to any daytime look, especially in this mesmerising striped design.



Off shoulder top - working from home wardrobe

This classic Stylecamp staple, the off-shoulder tee, is the ultimate glamour piece with a comfortable side, made from stretchy fabric and the added benefit of a secret support lining. The elastic around the top ensures a snug and secure fit, which means you'll hardly notice you're wearing it.

The longer length makes it perfect for transitional times of the year and means it can be worn over or tucked into trousers or skirts. The off-shoulder neckline is an iconic feminine silhouette and super-flattering for all figures, instantly elevating any look - as it does here when teamed with a flowing maxi skirt.



Light and airy cotton shirts, such as Stylecamp's Lana blouse, are ideal for a stay-at-home wardrobe. The loose-fitting shape is perfect for those that don't like anything too clingy, while the elegant v-neckline retains a feminine touch.

What's more, the Lana blouse can be worn a variety of ways to suit your needs, mood or style. Wear it loose for an easy-fitting look; tucked in for a smarter appearance; or tied-up for 1950s retro style. A far more relaxed version of the boardroom blouse!



Jumpsuit - working from home wardrobe

Yes, it may seem a little outlandish, but who doesn't want a bit of cheer in the current climate? The zesty yellow against the Amalfi blues of this lemon print number never fails to make me smile.

Seriously though, the Marlene jumpsuit is just so comfortable to wear, which is why it's getting a well-deserved mention here. The design is based on classic 1930s beach pyjamas which were the height of comfort and leisurewear. Adjustable ties at the shoulder and waist make it customisable to your size, plus the easy-fitting, wide leg shape won't make you feel caged in.

A complete outfit in one, this jumpsuit slips on so easily, making getting dressed for the day absolutely effortless. Not to mention it's totally glamorous and sure to give your mood a boost whenever you wear it. Save it for a Monday, when you could do with some working week motivation!





Stylecamp is an independent women’s fashion brand based in the UK, creating well-made, modern vintage fashion for the sartorial woman with a taste for timeless style, simplicity and elegance.

Stylecamp’s feel-good design soaks up the style from the glamorous French Riviera to create something unique and covetable for the modern woman.

Just like its heyday, these vibrant modern-vintage two piece sets, dresses and separates are made to celebrate the figure, making perfect outfits for holidays and vacations, special occasions and elevated everyday style, whenever you want to feel special.

All items are handmade by Lindsey, the designer and maker behind Stylecamp.  Learn more about Stylecamp or shop the collection.

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