• Lindsey

Stay at Home in Style: New Loungewear Sets

Staying at home just got more luxurious! Introducing Stylecamp's sumptuous loungewear collection, inspired by the Hollywood glamour of 1930s home style. Featuring a decadent velvet wrap top and matching elegant wide leg trousers, both pieces come together to create a show-stopping outfit with a distinctive 1930s boudoir flair.

Velvet loungewear set in navy velvet

Here's a little more about the inspiration behind the designs and the many ways in which you can wear these versatile pieces.



1920s Lounge Pyjamas
1920s Lounge Pyjamas with matching jacket - picture c/o Glamoursplash

The very concept of loungewear was first introduced in the 1920s and 30s, with elegant ladies donning wide leg jumpsuit style 'house pyjamas' that were highly regarded for their style and comfort. These were versatile garments worn both in and out of the home, even at the beach (for more on this, check out Stylecamp's Marlene beach pyjamas), and were popular for both casual and formal occasions.

1930s Lounge top and matching trousers
1930s Lounge top and matching trousers - picture c/o Fashion Institute of Technology

1930s loungewear feels not only stylish, effortless and timeless, there's also a sense of decadence and luxury that comes with it. It conjures up images of glamorous starlets wafting around their mansions swathed in robes of silken fabrics and 'swaggeringly full' trousers.

The use of drapy, soft fabrics brought a luxurious quality to everyday dressing that I really wanted to replicate with my loungewear sets.




As someone who works and spends a lot of time at home, I've always been on the lookout for clothing that is comfortable to wear, but that still makes me feel stylish each day. There's nothing worse for your mood or productivity when you're not dressed up for the day, even if you are stuck indoors.

I really believe that dressing for yourself everyday should be a vital part of any daily #selfcare routine, and I touched upon the mood-boosting benefits of this in an earlier blog post, 5 Things You Must Do When Working from Home.

Velvet loungewear wrap top by Stylecamp

With the events of 2020 meaning that many of us are spending more time at home, this new loungewear collection just feels so right for the moment. Why not adopt a little bit of that 1930s spirited luxury, comfort and feel-good style in our own 'manors', just like the original1930s starlets did?



Blue velvet loungewear set by Stylecamp

With staying at home in mind, I wanted to incorporate that oversized comfort of 1930s fluid pyjama styling, but create a more refined, modern version that would make it stylish for outside of the house too.

Velvet wrap top in navy by Stylecamp

The use of stretch velvet really lends a luxurious quality to these pieces just like those original 1930s designs, it's silky lustre feeling absolutely wonderful against the skin, and also really warm to wear - perfect for lounging around at home in the autumn & winter months.


Wrap over velvet top by Stylecamp navy blue

I've been wanting to add a wrap top to the collection for some time, as they have such enduring style and are so flattering for all body shapes. This one is named after actress Myrna Loy, as it reminds me of her exotic, vintage style.

Vintage style Loungewear set by Stylecamp

This wrap top is a simple boxy design with sloped shoulders for that easy-fitting, slouchy appeal, which is only emphasised by the luxurious density of the velvet fabric.

Long sleeves are finished with a delicate gathered cuff, mimicking the drama of the billowy sleeves of classic 1930s robes, but providing a much simpler and timeless aesthetic.

Vintage style lounge set by Stylecamp

The top is finished with two substantial belts that wrap twice around the waist to give the top its shape. You can tie these belts multiple ways - to the front, side or back - for a fresh way to style the top every time you wear it.