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New Design: The Marlene Jumpsuit

I'm very excited to introduce this new piece just in time for summer, the ultra-chic Marlene Jumpsuit. Here I talk you through both the finished design and the inspiration behind it, plus some handy styling tips you can use for any occasion.

Stylecamp New Design - the Marlene Jumpsuit

Stylecamp's new design, the Marlene Jumpsuit

I've been wanting to make a jumpsuit part of the collection for a very long time and this summer I was motivated by one of my favourite jersey jumpsuits, which features a wide leg trouser and elasticated neckline.

One of my 'go-to' summer pieces, I love to throw this on on a warm day as it's so comfortable to wear and effortlessly stylish in the heat.



Whenever I see a wide leg jumpsuit like this, I'm immediately transported back to images of the glamorous Riviera lifestyle of the 1930s. One of the enduring fashion statements of the era were the voluminous beach pyjamas every stylish lady worth her salt wore to the seaside resorts.

1930s ladies in their beach pyjamas

1930s ladies in their beach pyjamas, source - SwingFashionista

Those sassy 1930s ladies knew just how to show off the countless variations of these fancy palazzo pants, not to mention the continually exaggerated size of the trouser flare. For me, it is the epitome of elegant summer dressing.

Sources - Pinterest

Seeing these carefree ladies frolicking happily on the beach in their beach pyjamas one minute, and donning a glamorous hat and heels the next, shows just how versatile this piece can be.

Beach pyjamas on the beach

Beach pyjamas on the beach, source - Glamoursplash



As you know, I name all my Stylecamp pieces after famous Golden Hollywood actresses if the design resonates with their style, as they are a key influence to Stylecamp's vintage-inspired clothing. I have always been drawn to Marlene Dietrich for her vampy, androgynous style, which made the ideal inspiration for a jumpsuit design.

Marlene Dietrich, 1935

Marlene Dietrich, 1935, source, Pinterest

With a nonchalant playful side hidden in those piercing eyes, she simply oozes style and sophistication. She is remembered best for her slinky dresses, fur stoles and smouldering cigarette in her iconic femme fatale movie roles, but her style off-screen is equally well considered.

Sources - Pinterest

I love these images of her kicking back at the beach in classic 1930s style. She's often seen in palazzo pants or beach pyjamas, or long flowing dresses, her famous demeanour bringing them an air of instant 'cool'. This was the kind of look and feeling I wanted to achieve for my jumpsuit.



Stylecamp Marlene Jumpsuit by the Sea

Marlene Wide Leg Flared Jumpsuit

I knew I didn't want to make these trousers with the same volume as the beach pyjama originals, simply because I wanted to create an enduring style that will last. A classic wide leg pant ceases to go out of fashion and is also extremely flattering for many shapes.

Stylecamp Marlene Jumpsuit Cuff Detail

Marlene Jumpsuit - Cuff Detail

The cut off cuff detail is a nod to its 1930s provenance, which I have highlighted with delicate piping work at the ankle to give it a resort feel. This is the first time I have ever used this technique but I love how it creates such a neat finish.

Marlene Jumpsuit bodice view with pockets

Marlene Jumpsuit - Bodice VIew

Best of all, as an extra design feature I finished the trousers of the jumpsuit with side seam pockets which are great for slouching into. Let's face it, everyone loves a pocket on their dress or trousers!



Stylecamp Marlene Jumpsuit back view

Marlene Wide Leg Flared Jumpsuit

With so many ideas roaming around my head, I spent a long time trying to decide on the look of the bodice for this piece. I settled on this effortlessly flattering cross bodice design which fastens with a tie at the shoulder. This is neatly finished with a full facing, back and front, and once again trimmed with piping to bring out the detail.

Marlene Jumpsuit with cross body wrap detail

Marlene Jumpsuit - Back View

I just love these simple tie up details from classic beachwear, not only are they a unique design feature, they serve a dual purpose. With all of my clothes, I feel it's important to have an element of 'give' in the design and this tie feature allows the bodice to become personalised for the wearer.

Marlene Jumpsuit with Tie Shoulder Bodice

Marlene Jumpsuit - Front View

In this same spirit, I could have finished this garment with a simple elastic waist to accommodate various sizes. However I knew this design wouldn't be complete without a chic matching tie belt which, to me, gives the whole look a sense of luxury.



Lounging in Stylecamp's comfortable Marlene Jumpsuit

Lounging in the Marlene Jumpsuit

A little word on the fabric now.

I can tell you this jumpsuit is one of the most comfortable things I own. It feels so luxurious against the skin, it is almost as smooth as silk.

It's a lightweight fabric with soft and flowing properties which feels comfortable to walk around in and will help you to keep cool in the heat.

Marlene Jumpsuit - close up detail

Marlene Wide Leg Flared Jumpsuit - Fabric Detail

I'm so fussy about patterns which is one of the reasons I love the simplicity of Stylecamp pieces and its monochrome colours. That said, I have always wanted to introduce pattern into the collection and I was so happy when I come across this miniature irregular spot pattern in slick black and white. It is unfussy yet has personality, which seems to fit the look of the jumpsuit perfectly.

Marlene Jumpsuit Spotty Fabric Detail

Marlene Jumpsuit - Fabric Detail

For now I'm happy with making this in one colourway, but as I'm always looking for opportunities to bring pattern into the range, I'll introduce a new colour as soon as I find the right fit. You can sign up for email updates to be notified when this comes in!



I'm all about simplicity here at Stylecamp so my best advice would be to keep accessories to a minimum and allow this stand out jumpsuit do all the talking.

My inner Marlene Dietrich wants to wear it with 1930s heels, a glamorous fur stole and customary cigarette, as we did for fun recently at our shoot in the beautiful Art Deco Eltham Palace.

Marlene Jumpsuit at Eltham Palace

Dressing up in Gigi's closet in the fabulous Art Deco bathroom at Eltham Palace

However I also have some ideas for more everyday wear. We shot these photos of the jumpsuit on our recent travels to the beautiful island of Madeira. Jumpsuits are ideal for tropical locations such as this where the weather can be changeable and unpredictable.

Stylecamp Marlene Jumpsuit in Ponta do Sol

Marlene Jumpsuit soaking up the sun at Ponta do Sol

This elegant piece will take you effortlessly from day through to night. Wear for holidays or warm weather with simple sandals, espadrilles or wedges, throwing on a simple kimono slip or blazer for the evening.

If fancy is your style, add a gloriously wide brimmed floppy hat and sunnies during the day for a look that is quintessentially Old Hollywood but will keep you cool in the heat.

Stylecamp Marlene Jumpsuit in Ponta do Sol

Marlene Jumpsuit soaking up the sun at Ponta do Sol

For a modern, everyday look just add a cute bomber jacket and some comfy pumps. On my recent trip I found this jumpsuit ideal to wear with a simple black sweat thrown over and trainers which my plane journey more comfortable - the added bonus being an instant holiday outfit once you step out of the airport!




Stylecamp is an independent women’s fashion brand based in the UK, creating well-made, modern vintage fashion for the sartorial woman with a taste for timeless style, simplicity and elegance.

Stylecamp’s feel-good design soaks up the style from the glamorous French Riviera to create something unique and covetable for the modern woman.

Just like its heyday, these vibrant modern-vintage two piece sets, dresses and separates are made to celebrate the figure, making perfect outfits for holidays and vacations, special occasions and elevated everyday style, whenever you want to feel special.

All items are handmade by Lindsey, the designer and maker behind Stylecamp.  Learn more about Stylecamp or shop the collection.

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