• Lindsey

'Million Dollar Legs' - Meet the new Betty Shorts!

New design alert! Get ready to meet Betty, a stylish pair of high waisted linen shorts dedicated to the style of WWII pin-up, Betty Grable.



"There are two reasons I'm in show-business and I'm standing on both of them"

Betty Grable in 1937 - picture source unknown

Enigmatic words from the Girl with the Million Dollar Legs, Betty Grable. America's sweetheart and original blonde bombshell was as famous for her shapely legs as she was for her movies, dancing and singing.

1940s Betty Grable posing in swimwear

1940s Betty Grable posing in swimwear - picture source Rick's Pin-Ups

Betty's girl-next-door looks saw her popularity soar during the late 40s and 50s and she was often pictured in shorts or swimwear to show off her famously insured assets.

Betty Grable in high waist shorts from 1930s-1950s

I just love the energy captured in these portraits. Whether carefree on roller skates or bounding around on a bike, her timeless 1940s and 50s style is just as relevant today and has been hugely inspirational in developing this new design for Stylecamp.



Introducing Stylecamp's new Betty shorts

Stylecamp's new linen shorts are a modestly short length featuring a high waist line with a wide waistband. Shaped at the front with a chevron point for a more feminine appeal, it's a vintage style detail I've always loved, contouring to the body and elegantly showing off the waist.

Betty linen shorts - front view with shaped waistband and pleats

The waistline is complemented with two inverted pleats to the front which add fullness and shape as well as a decorative touch.

Betty linen shorts, back view

Betty linen shorts - back view with contrast pocket detail

Everyone loves a pocket, and hidden in the side seams are a little modern Stylecamp touch; contrast pastel colour pockets are a secret feature that makes these elegant shorts stand from the crowd.

Linen fabric and contrast pocket detail

Linen fabric and contrast pocket detail

Available in a breathable linen blend fabric (55% linen 45% viscose) of a medium-weight with a natural texture, it's the natural elements combined with the irresistible pastel colours that bring these timeless and elegant shorts into the modern era.