• Lindsey

Postcard from Porto

Continuing with my 'Postcard from...' series based on my summer travels in Portugal, comes this third instalment all about Porto, the perfect weekend getaway. So far in our trip we've taken in the 'Venice' of Portugal, the stunning Art Nouveau city of Aveiro, before taking the world's most scenic route through the Douro River valley to explore the vast wine terraces.

Colourful facades of the city of Porto

The third part of our trip saw us tracking the river back to the coastline, arriving in the vibrant city of Porto, which we found to be more than just the home of port wine and majestic bridges. Despite the wet weather, I absolutely loved my time spent here, so read on for my tips and recommendations for things to see and do in Porto.



Una stripy bodysuit outfit

A wet June in Porto - one of the rare opportunities I got to wear my Una stripy bodysuit!

Back in June 2018, it's fair to say Portugal was experiencing some very unseasonable weather. Daily downpours and localised flooding made a mockery of my perfectly planned summer wardrobe which didn't mix at all that well with sandals, cami bodysuits and loose, flowing trousers. A pair of water-logged trainers and a t-shirt borrowed from my boyfriend had to suffice for exploring the city as the summer temperatures struggled to find their way into the mid teens.

Colourful views of Porto

Though I paint such a damp picture from the outset, come rain or shine, Porto is just gorgeous. The colourful tiles across nearly every facade in the old town had my camera snapping busily away, with echoes of my favourite Art Nouveau architecture cropping up around every corner. Credit to Porto for bridging the old and new, there's also a buzzing street art scene with lots of impressive artworks scattered throughout the city.

Dom Luis bridge Porto

Dom Luís bridge, Porto

Crossing the famous steely-blue Dom Luís bridge to Vila Nova de Gaia, you get a real appreciation for the colour and beauty of the city, even in overcast conditions. We snuck away from the crowds through some barriers beneath the convent for a unique perspective looking back on the city which clings to the sharp hillsides, emphasised by the funicular railway on the opposite bank that ferries you down to the Douro river flowing calmly below.



I'm not usually one who likes to shop when I'm abroad, mostly because the usual high street fare leaves me feeling pretty uninspired. Yet with the weather being so grim it didn't make for great exploring or photo opportunities, so we were left with little other option than to shop. Happily Porto has so much to offer on the side of unique, independent shopping.

We found a lot of the places just while wandering but I also picked up a map from one of the shops that highlighted some of the most cutting edge places in the city, district by district - very useful! We visited lots of interesting shops featuring both vintage and contemporary design, however these were some of the places that stood out to me:


Mon Père vintage shop, Porto

Porto is a great place for vintage clothes shopping and I was so happy to stumble across this little gem tucked away in an unremarkable shopping alley. Aside from the variety and quality of pieces on offer, the Mon Père shop itself is something to behold, featuring an impressive traditional painted tile wall in the entrance and a full-on granny living room style changing area complete with big mirrors for mixing and matching your accessories.


Patch Lifestyle Concept Store, Porto

Mooching along the trendy Rua do Rosário you'll find lots of independent designers, shops and galleries well worth checking out. I particularly loved the Patch concept store, a unique blend of vintage clothing and accessories, homeware trinkets and garden pottery. I was eyeing up many of the vintage handbags on offer, but settled for a hand-painted vintage shawl with tassels that felt very Portuguese.

Handpainted shawl